Hello Everyone,

This is Neeraj Singour. If I talk about my earlier life , i moved around to 4 different cities for higher education, but I was always passionate about doing something different and want to opt business field as a career.  So i left all the cities immediately after some time without taking any pain. And came back to my home town.

  In starting it was going too tough to opt business field because of our non-business background. There were too many major obstacles. Days were passing and I was killing my time. But after the mentorship of Sandeep Maheshwari Sir, by following their videos i found major changes in my life and on my mindset.

In starting of business life, I was confused about choosing the right business direction so just was trying to hit every opportunities, coming on my way. By this habit I faced failure 9 times continually and spent around 40 Lac. Rupees.  From this failure, it was a long journey to reach, where i am right now. I can’t share this journey in some words so to share the right path and the right direction to all struggler and the persons who are facing same problems, I started the seminars and sessions.